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Adagio Strings Bundle 9 VST-AU-AAX – Kontakt Instruments

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Adagio Strings Bundle 9 VST-AU-AAX – Kontakt Instruments overview

About "All Adagio Strings" Bundle

ADAGIO is the air, the flow, the burn and the sorrow of symphonic strings.


Produced by Academy Award, TEC and G.A.N.G Award Winning Composer, Troels Folmann and Emmy Nominated Composer and Orchestrator, Colin O’Malley,  8Dio Adagio String Series is a new-generation orchestral sample library and the most expressive collection of deep-sampled strings ever created.


The Adagio All Strings VST Bundle contains AdagiettoAdagio Violins,  Adagio ViolasAdagio Cellos, and Adagio Basses All the Adagio libraries contains three main groups of Full Ensemble, Divisi and Solo sections.  All groups have been extensively sampled and recorded in a signature church environment with a hand-selected group of great players from the San Francisco Bay Area. All groups were sampled with three different microphone positions (close, far, mixed) and we deployed a variety of never-done-before sampling techniques from round robin based legato and the ability to connect legato effortlessly with other articulations like loure (floating notes) and dynamic bowings (expressive notes). In addition we have some of the most deep-sampled short notes ever done.


Adagio Strings is designed for professional composers and orchestrators. The individual volumes each contains several unique legato recordings (ex. round robin based legato, slurred/emotional legato, sordino legato) and the Violins, Violas, Cellos and Basses combined contain 36 different types of legatos. In addition you will find over 120 different types of Dynamic Bowings and 60 different types of Loures. All articulations in Adagio (ex. 36 legato) are all unique recordings, so you won’t find different variations of the same samples, but in fact find unique and different recordings of … everything!


Feel free to visit the respective pages for AdagiettoAdagio Violins,  Adagio ViolasAdagio Cellos and Adagio Basses.


Welcome to the future of sampling with motion and emotion.

  • I use Adagio Strings  and I am loving them!

    Daniel Licht (Dexter, Silent Hill, Deception)
  • Adagio Violins and Cellos are fantastic!”

    Neal Acree (Diablo 3, Starcraft 2, WoW)
  • I love Adagio Violins!”

    Brian Tyler (Iron Man 3, Far Cry 3, The Expendables)


  • Sale: $1595 $1365
  • Adagietto
  • Adagio Violins 1.5
  • Adagio Cellos 1.5
  • Adagio Violas
  • Adagio Basses
  • True Ensemble. True Divisi. True Solo.
  • Direct download / Cloud Server System
  • Product only available as download

Core Specifications

  • Deep-Sampled Orchestral Violins, Violas, Cellos & Basses
  • Separate recordings of Ensemble, Divisi (Chamber) and Solo
  • Recorded in rich church w/ 3 mic. positions (Close, Mixed, Far)
  • Uniquely Recorded Legato Types with up to 4-way Round Robin
  • New Articulations (ex. Dynamic Bowing, Loure, Tons of Sordino)

Core Requirements

  • Full Retail version of Kontakt 4.2 or later required
  • 106GB harddrive space
  • Ability to download
  • PC 2.4GZ+, 4GB ram
  • MAC 2.6Ghz, 4GB ram