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Join Us – Let’s Create Something Special Together overview

Update: Thank you for all the amazing submissions – we are humbled by how much you guys put into this. We have already started the editing and programming of the library and can promise you it will be something highly unique. Please notice we do NOT accept any more submissions at this point. We will keep all participants posted as we venture towards the release. All participants will receive the entire library for FREE.


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We invite you to join us in the creation of our most ambitious crowd-collaboration project till date: “Free You”.


The project is a follow-up to our popular Free Angels and Free Radicals libraries, which were done in collaboration with our awesome community of users. The idea with our Free You Project is the create the most personal collection of memorable sounds. All we ask is that you record/create the 5 most important sounds in your life. The 5 sounds that stands closest to your heart. We will take all the contributions and put them into one sample library, which ALL participants will receive for FREE. 8Dio will edit, program, design and distribute the entire collection and we will also be adding a large chunk of personal material to the collection. There are no restrictions, no rules, no limits.


So whether it is the sound of raindrops in a forest or a gentle touch of a piano string. Whether it is the soft sound of crackling snow or a gorgeous textural pad on your guitar. Whether it is the sound of a sleeping child or the ping of two wine glasses cheering. It is all up to you!


Free You Requirements:

  • Record/Create the 5 most important sounds in your life
  • Save them as 44.1/24bit .wav files
  • Send them to
  • Deadline: We are no longer accepting submissions. But hope to see you on our next crowd-collab!




The individuals that submitted sounds the Free You sample library you (Contributor) agreed to the following terms:

  • 8Dio Productions shall be the sole owner of all of the results and proceeds of any and all submissions, including any copyright, trademark, patent and any other intellectual property rights
  • 8Dio Productions shall have the right to exploit and distribute such services in any forum or media whatsoever now known or hereafter devised throughout the world in perpetuity
  • 8Dio Productions reserves the right to process or reject submissions (ex. materials containing commercial samples, synths, fragments from music pieces etc)
  • Contributor warrants that contributor possesses all rights in the sounds submitted necessary for the grant of rights to 8DIO productions, and will indemnify and hold 8DIO harmless and against any and all claims, damages and costs, including attorneys fees arising out of a breach of foregoing warranty
  • Contributor will receive one watermarked copy of the library for FREE – if submission is accepted